Greetings, HEARTFIRE BAKERY is a locally owned, gluten free bakery located in Arcata, California. We bake artisan crafted breads, rolls, pastries and granola. We strive to include as many organic and local ingredients as available. Our goal is to provide our community with fresh, healthy, great tasting gluten free baked goods. HEARTFIRE BAKERY baked goods will amaze your palate. Try it yourself!

Heartfire Bakery was founded by Shamira Heinz after she became aware that she could not tolerate gluten. She has loved baking and cooking since she was a child, always looking for optimal ways to provide great nutrition for herself and her family. Shamira wanted to recreate the bread that she and her mom baked every Saturday as a child… fresh baked bread with a wonderful whole grain flavor, hot from the oven. She was able to recreate that amazing flavor and also made it gluten free! Today, we’re happy to share our products with you and your family.

You can find some of our products in local stores and we also offer a CSB (community supported bakery). Get in touch for more information.

“The heart fire is a radiant field of connection and inner wisdom that transcends time,
space and culture.”